Lifetime Trade-Up Policy

For your convenience, we at MAYS Exotic gems & Jewellery are happy to offer our customers a Lifetime Trade-Up Program (simply known as Trade-Up). In this unique program we offer our customers that wish to trade up the item(s) excluding loose gemstones or pearls that were purchased from us. No time restraints. We will credit up to 90% of the original purchase price to another jewellery item that is at least 127% of the original purchase price of the item. As an example, if you bought an item for $100, with Trade-Up, you would receive a $90 credit toward another item priced $127 or more.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Trade-Up does not apply to loose gemstones and pearls.
  2. Trade-Up items can only be traded-up for other Jewellery items.
  3. To be eligible, items need to be in an undamaged condition.
  4. To be eligible, the item requires any and all original documentations and/or certificate(s) that accompanied the item or a fee will be deducted from the trade-up value for each appraisal and certificate we need to replace.
  5. The percentage for Trade-up set above is based on the assumption that, at the time of trade-up, applicable market prices are the same or higher than applicable market prices at original price.
  6. MAYS Exotic Gems & Jewellery reserves the right to refuse any Lifetime Trade-Up under its sole discretion.