What is 18K or 18ct or 750 Gold?

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18K or 18 carat(ct) gold has 75% pure gold mixed with other precious and non-precious metals to form a 18 carat gold alloy. It’s often refereed to as 750 Gold because it has 75.0% pure gold.

What is a Pigeon’s Blood Ruby?

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Pigeon’s blood is a term given to the most precious colour of Ruby. Contrary to popular believe, it’s not the colour of a pigeon’s blood that is being described. It’s actually the colour of a pigeon eye. They are only found in Burma and are very rare. Untreated or unheated pigeon’s blood rubies are extremely rare and demands a very …

What does Untreated or No Treatments mean?

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Gemstones in today’s market are commonly treated to enhance their clarity and colour. These treatments would change the appearance of an undesirable gem into that of a beautiful gem. A dealer should always disclose any treatments to the gemstone because often it’s undetectable to the unaided eye. No treatments or untreated means the gemstone was just cut and polish straight …

What is Mogok?

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It’s not a what – It’s actually a where. Mogok is a famous mining town in Myanmar (Burma). Renown to produce the world’s finest Rubies. Pigeon-blood rubies are only found here.